At the service of your pets
At the service of your pets
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Veterinary emergency
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Veterinary visits

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The Dr. Testa Veterinary Clinic in Tremezzina (CO) deals with the treatment and prevention of diseases of small animals. We perform visits, ultrasounds, digital radiographs, electrocardiograms, laboratory tests, surgery and everything related to the health and well-being of your four-legged friends. In addition to the normal opening hours, home visits are carried out. Daily collaborates with Dr. Paola Dell'Era, who is also passionate about all pets.

Phone 0344 40097. Openings: 15:00-19:00 from Monday to Friday. Saturday: 9:00-12:00.

For appointments after opening hours or emergencies: 0344 40097 (Clinic), mobile +39 347 0138975 (dr. Testa) - +39 334 8306413 (dr.ssa Dell'Era).

Our surgery

Our Services

  • Medical examinations
  • Microchip and registry
  • Dental care
  • Surgery and Orthopedics

Clinical examination in animals is very important, more important than in people. Since they cannot express themselves verbally and therefore cannot communicate the symptoms present to the owners or the veterinarian, the animals implement a series of signs and symptoms to remedy various pains or problems. Through a careful clinical examination, the veterinary surgeon tries to identify these signs (which can go unnoticed by the owner) to understand what the problem may be affecting our animal and to identify which in-depth tests are most suitable for achieving a correct diagnosis.
It is therefore advisable to carry out routine visits cyclically even if the animal appears healthy, on occasions in which it will be possible to evaluate the animal's state of health, feeding, the presence of parasites.

Law no. 281 of August 14, 1991 establishes the obligation for owners to identify, through the application of the subcutaneous microchip, their dogs and enroll them in the regional dog registry.
The microchip DOES NOT IT IS A SATELLITE LOCALIZER , therefore it does not serve to geographically locate the subject but allows to uniquely identify it and associate it with the person who is responsible for it.
The application of the microchip is MANDATORY and must take place within two months of life of the dog.
The microchipped subject cannot be traced with satellite systems but if found it is easily identifiable and thanks to the microchip code it is possible to trace its owner / manager.
The dimensions reduced microchips make the application a painless practice, attributable to a banal subcutaneous injection (vaccination type). Reading the microchip returns a 15 number numeric code that is unique, is not repeated in any other microchip and allows you to quickly trace the personal data of the animal and its owner.
Since 2020 the application of the microchip and the Registration in the regional registry has also become mandatory for cats.

Dental and oral cavity diseases are very common in dogs and cats. It is very likely that the owner of a cat or dog will face such a problem at least once in the life of his four-legged friend.
The signs and symptoms of dental disease in dogs and cats are manifold. : the most common include halitosis, the presence of red gums, yellowed and stained teeth, loss of saliva, difficulty feeding, sneezing and nasal discharge.
If left untreated, these pathologies can give problems not only at the oral cavity level but they can also have repercussions on other organs such as the heart, kidney and liver. For these reasons, the ideal would be to agree with your trusted veterinarian on a strategy to prevent the onset of these problems. Scheduling regular oral visits and, if necessary, thorough dental cleaning with scaling and polishing of the teeth, is an excellent starting point to avoid serious damage.
If, however, we are already in the presence of a pathology of the oral cavity, the veterinarian will put adequate treatment is in place at the stage of severity of the disease.

Day surgery is performed on the soft tissues and orthopedics at the surgery. Preanesthetic examinations and examinations (radiographs, blood tests, electrocardiogram) are carried out in order to have the greatest possible safety during the intervention.

What our customers say

I have been wearing my dogs for years, always found well and solved every problem .... kindness and seriousness.


I appreciate very much that the vets also go out of hours, for emergencies, on Sunday and also carry out visits at home, it has helped me a lot for emergencies with my dogs and I thank you very much! Both of them are very nice and competent in their work

Zu Khy